Have you ever been to a wine tasting? Well today was my first time and really, it was a dream come true. I always would see those stereotype people going to a wine tasting in the movies, taste all the wine, and act all expensive and stuff. I would see them holding a wine glass with a few drops wine in it, move it a little and look at the glass, put their nose in the glass and breath in, and then take a little sip ANS SPITT!!! (WTF?) After that they would take another sip and breath some air through the mouth and make that funny noice and this time they would swallow the wine.

Today I did it all!! The funny part is that I really tasted the difference between all the wines and learned a lot about them. At the end I chose a bottle to take home and the pros told me that I had a good taste. So well well well, who got to be a wine expert now?

The more amateur part was that I didn’t seem to get used to that spitting part…You understand what that means right?!

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