MBFWA/ Dorhout Mees.

The extreme variation in the Dorhout Mees show during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam was very inspiring. Throughout all shows, I saw how hard designers had worked to wauw the audience. For me the intro video of this show had the real wauw-effect. I showed me every little detail in the collection and let me feel what the collection is all about. After the video, the perfect models and looks blew my mind.

Loved the dreamy touch, asymetrical cuts, surprising cut outs and gorgeous fabrics! And the hairdo’s … sigh!

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MBFWA/ Maryme-Jimmypaul.

Big, bigger, biggest! This show just blew my mind! I had no expectations and simply went there blank, but I loved how distinctive they were. The huge furry coats, skirts & ”dresses” (if I may call them that) were adorable! And what was up with the plastic bags & the dry ice? So simple & such a fantastic addition.

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