Saturday I had dinner and drinks with a friend and we shot these almost weird pictures. First we went to Wagamama which is a noodle bar and I had the amazing Seafood Ramen and afterwards we went to Tango the cocktail bard for some good cocktails.


For my moms birthday we went for a high with her and my dad. I love to spend time with them and of course good food can’t do harm! We started with a glass of Prosecco, which was a little too much at 11 o’clock but it was a good combination with all the sweets. We had a blast!

Dress, necklace, bracelet H&M


I made sushi yesterday. You almost never find me in the kitchen but when I got the sushi fever I dedicate my whole day to buying the ingredients and rolling these yummie rolls. Took some pictures to make you sushi lover a little jealous. Is it working?!


I wanted to post a quick update from what I’ve been doing so far here in Copenhagen.
First of all I’m having so much fun. It always feels so good to be around family.
I have been laughing non stop!
But here comes the descriptionw with each picture, from left to right.

  1. Random tower in the city ( I don’t really care about architecture and history,
    but I like capturing them if they are beautiful)
  2. The best Doner sandwich I’ve ever had! My uncle runs a restaurant and his
    food is DELICIOUS.
  3. Me and my cousin having so much fun in the car. He is crazy!
  4. My cute little cousin with mystylepoetry of course.
  5. Mystylepoetry in the changing room. I’ve been spending a lot on clothes!
    (Stay tuned for a shopping post)
  6. I posed as if I was making bread in my uncles kitchen. He thought it would be
    funny, I was only scared to ruin his bread!
  7. My cousin kind of forced me to record a song with him in his studio.
    And we did it! Me & you from Cassie. Frankly, I didn’t HATE the end result
    so I’ll share it on my blog later.
  8. Between the shopping we stopped by a Turkish buffet and they
    had the best salads ever! It was like heaven to me.
  9. Another random building in Copenhagen. It’s nice isn’t it?

Have a nice Saturday night out or in!
I’m going to experience the Copenhagen nightlife.





A new Sushi place has opened here. It looked so fancy. The lighting, the decoration, and the people working there were also very nice (maybe a bit too nice). B and I went and ate all the raw fish the ocean has. It was so yummy. Too bad it’s not as cheap as making a dinner at home.