iWear/ Weekday Jeans.

It’s unbelievable how quick the weather changes here. On moment the rain is so heavy you’ll drown walking. And the other moment the sun shines so intense on the wet ground that the refelction of the light hurts your eyes. Thank god my little vacation is around the corner and I’ll feel nothing less than 30 degrees celcius for a week! About the outfit: Continue reading

Monday Must’ve/ RAIN RAIN GO AWAY.

As I’m going to a festival this weekend, I’m praying for good sunny weather. Therefore, these items here above are this Monday’s Must’ves to helpt me with my prayers. The Felic Rey ‘Rain rain go away’ umbrella will hopefully help. Otherwise, I’ll have my DSquared boots for the mud!

But hopefully the sun will shine!


A comfy and simple look for a busy day. I was busy all day from six in the morning! With what? Well with a lot of unnecessary things, but my problem is that I can’t sit still so I shouldn’t whine when I can days like this. Anyway!!!! I’m going to Antwerp tomorrow: YAAY!!! So come back soon to see the shots from my trip!

iWear/ Divino boots, H&M blouse and sweater, Catrice red lips, H&M headband

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Have you seen Despicable Me? And do you remember the cute little girl? Well, there is a scene where she is at a play fair and she wins a big, white, hairy, unicorn and she takes the unicorn (being 5 times larger than herself) in her arms and screams:

            ” IT’S SO FLUFFY I’M GONNA DIE! ”

Well I felt yesterday exactly as fluffy as that unicorn yesterday. I posted earlier about the new order I placed on ASOS et voila, here she is. Hope you like the outfit and the pictures that are taken at the beautiful central station of my home town.

iWear/ MET jeans, ASOS fake fur top, Timberland boots (borrowed)


Hey Saturday, yesterday I received my last grade for my BA and it was magnificent. I can proudly announce that I’m unofficially graduated in Bachelor of Arts. After three years of struggling I finally made it and I’m proud!!! Now, I need to patiently wait for it to be official. CAN’T WAIT!

iWear/ Topshop boots, H&M dress, WE cardigan, vintage pink coat