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Yesterday, I came to the conclusion that I should only go shopping in the sale section. I scored this Zara coat for only 40 Euros and these shoes for only 10. If I would buy them when they were marked as ”New Collection”, I would have paid over 200 Euros. So happy me, a new out outfit and a lot more to come thanks miss Sales!

Mystylepoetry/ iWear Mystylepoetry/ iWear

iWear/ ZARA coat, MODEKUNGEN heels, MANGO jeans


It’s getting colder and colder. The real winter is hitting Holland now for real!! Therefore, it’s getting harder for me to walk my little doggy. I get so lazy and when I see the almost white grass all I wanna do is stay in with a tea in my hand. Reality decides different of course and I have to see how I’m going to survive the cold. These are the pictures of the weekend when the weather was just so sweet in Amsterdam. So I had no problem going out that day.

iWear/ H&M coat, Topshop boots, Urban Outfitters sweater
Bentley Wears/ Woef harness


I found me some items I really like on hm.com. The furry jacket to survive the winter, the white blouse with black details just because I love the combo, the cute snake print make-up bag cause the one that I have right now is dying, the cute masks to play with my little cousins who are going to visit me for the holidays, and the beautiful loafers because they are pretty pretty! What do you think of my selection?