Good Sunday you! Let’s make some time for a nice DIY. I’m always in a never ending search for an iPhone case and get bored of a new one after the first week. This time, I thought it would be nice to make my own. I bought a cheap side case and some studds and merged those together. Really simple but it really looks nice! Look…


Yesterday, after work, we went to the city to River Island as they have a really nice sale. And guess what? I got 2 new pair of shoes (SHOCKING) and a blouse AND pastel pants! Amazing! I love SALE.

Afterwards, we went to eat something and first we chose for sushi. We always choose for sushi but then we cam across this cafe/ eat place and ordered the best cheeseburgers ever! I was heaven in my stomache.

What did you do yesterday?

iWear/ TRULY MADLY DEEPLY tee, ZARA jeans, MONKI vest, REAL INDIAN shoes from South Carolina, DIY bracelet

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In my Sewing Sew post, I let you sneak a peak in my little project that almost died because I didn’t ever had the time to pick it up. But I did, finally, and this is the result. I actually had something totally different in my mind, but you know how it goes, you make one mistake and BAM you don’t have enough fabric anymore. I’m very glad with the end result though.

iWear/ DIM (Did It Myself) top (with imitation leather, stretch and glittery fabric), Zara jeans, H&M blazer, (Brandles) wedges

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Finally found some time to put together the top I designed ages ago. I’m definitely not a designer but I like keeping myself busy and this is one of the ways I accomplish that. My top is all done and I’ll show her to you in my next iWear post.

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My first DIY post. I’ve seen this bracelet for ages and I always wanted to make one myself. But i’ve never found the time and the perfect pieces to do so. Today I finally did! It’s very easy but it looks really great. If you have any suggestions for nice DIY’s let me know!! Hopefully I’ve inspired you to do some DIY’s yourself! Goodluck!