My talented friend designed 4 outfits for her graduation of Fashion & Styling and I was one of the lucky models. It was so fun to walk down the catwalk wearing her beautiful dress. I felt like a real model for 3 minutes, it felt great hahaha.

Here the rest of the pictures.

With the designer

iWear/ MUTIARA dress, NEWLOOK heels


Mystylepoetry’s first outfit video is finally online. It was a chilly winter night and I put my summer dress on (still being in denial that it’s not winter yet in Holland). Together with my highest wedges – and seriously I needed some practice to walk on those – we went searching for the right location till we found our selves crossing this road. The yellow street lights and the flickering stoplights gave us a good vibe to start shooting.

At first i was so nervous – and cold – but later on I really started liking the whole idea we had and just had a lot of fun.

iWear/ ASOS dress, NELLY wedges


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