Lucky 24!


Yesterday was my birthday and I turned 24! Together with the BF (who’s birthday is today) we organized a intimate party with best friends and family and it was awesome! Couldn’t wish for a better start of this wonderful age!


I have been recovering all day from a party night and that’s why there is no Must’ve on this Monday. But before the clock hits 12 I wanted to share some of the snapshots of my memorable night. A big thanks to my BF who dragged us all to that party.

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Because of our busy weeks I don’t get to see my friends that often which is a shame cause they mean everything to me. But between our jobs, projects, and deadlines we always try to make time for each other, even if it’s just for an hour. The other day, I was finally able to meet up with one of my friends and we decided to have coffee in the central station since she was on her way home and had to change trains. A vanilla latte, black coffee, caramel brownie and a slice of cheesecake accompanied us with our gossiping, laughter, and our wise words.

I definitely don’t advice you to try the caramel brownie cause it is such a sugar overload, I didn’t even finish it.