MBFWA/ Maryme-Jimmypaul.

Big, bigger, biggest! This show just blew my mind! I had no expectations and simply went there blank, but I loved how distinctive they were. The huge furry coats, skirts & ”dresses” (if I may call them that) were adorable! And what was up with the plastic bags & the dry ice? So simple & such a fantastic addition.

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It’s time for the last outfit for the Follow Fashion bloggers battle! This week’s theme is fur so I dragged my leopard fake-fur coat out of the closet. I put on a basic little black dress, which is always good(!!), and put on my heels to finish it all.
Hope all of you will vote for my last look as well as all my previous looks for the battle. Click here to vote for my Fur Look!

In case you had no chance to vote for my other looks, here are de links

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Thank you for voting and fingers crossed for the results!!

iWear/ H&M coat, MONKI dress, SUPER TRASH heels


This weeks favorites for you. I really like the glass-like heels but I like the shadow even more! You see a quite contrast in this collection, the shorts, the fur coat, sunny heels and rainy night. That’s mostly because of, well, it’s exactly like this right now. I hate it. I just wanna know what I can wear without having to consider the possibility that I might get warm or cold. Boooooooo for the weather.

Have a nice weekend!

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I found me some items I really like on hm.com. The furry jacket to survive the winter, the white blouse with black details just because I love the combo, the cute snake print make-up bag cause the one that I have right now is dying, the cute masks to play with my little cousins who are going to visit me for the holidays, and the beautiful loafers because they are pretty pretty! What do you think of my selection?