Black is everyone’s fave color when it comes to clothing. Right? It is easy, stylish, classy, and good for every occasion. But it is also a safe color and that is what bothers me often. People wear it because they don’t want or dare to try bright colors, what mostly suits them better. I have to admit that though I’m crazy about color and trying new things, I do tend to reach for the black part of my closet when it comes to a fast and comfy outfit. It’s a disease.

iWear/ Truly Madly Deeply Tee, H&M vest and legging, Topshop boots, ASOS ear cuff, Gosh nailpolish


My see-through make up bag, which I sometimes use as a clutch when I go clubbin, was filled with these items when I was in Copenhagen. I must say, I am not a girl who wears a lot of make up and to be honest I don’t even know how to use a lot of make up. But I don’t try to either, I like it Plain Jane.