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Yesterday, I came to the conclusion that I should only go shopping in the sale section. I scored this Zara coat for only 40 Euros and these shoes for only 10. If I would buy them when they were marked as ”New Collection”, I would have paid over 200 Euros. So happy me, a new out outfit and a lot more to come thanks miss Sales!

Mystylepoetry/ iWear Mystylepoetry/ iWear

iWear/ ZARA coat, MODEKUNGEN heels, MANGO jeans

MONDAY MUST’VE/ Cloudy Legs.

Having a good Monday so far? I have been busy all day with work. God I need a sunny vacation and that’s why I chose these blue sky cloudy legs from Urban Outfitters for this Monday’s Must’ve. They simply make you happy only by looking at them..right? Though my sky have been looking like this all day, I didn’t have the chance to really feel it as I was inside all day long -_-.


Does this print seem familiar to you? It’s a print that we’ve seen a lot of lately and I really like it cause it used in a lot of Persian rugs and traditional clothes. This one is from H&M so that’s not very exciting but hopefully I’ll have a big Persian rug in my house later with this print.

iWear/ H&M tunic, Guess jeans, Cafe Moda red heels


Have you seen Despicable Me? And do you remember the cute little girl? Well, there is a scene where she is at a play fair and she wins a big, white, hairy, unicorn and she takes the unicorn (being 5 times larger than herself) in her arms and screams:

            ” IT’S SO FLUFFY I’M GONNA DIE! ”

Well I felt yesterday exactly as fluffy as that unicorn yesterday. I posted earlier about the new order I placed on ASOS et voila, here she is. Hope you like the outfit and the pictures that are taken at the beautiful central station of my home town.

iWear/ MET jeans, ASOS fake fur top, Timberland boots (borrowed)