Saturday night me and my dad went for a walk near the river to find some yummy food and to just be the tourist. I had the best fish and chips ever and though it was pretty cold we sat outside near a heater. Lovely! Afterwards we walked towards the London Eye and came across a mini market with a lot of good food and munchies. I only bought the candy cause I was so full after the big fish.

Enjoy the pictures!


After a short flight we arrived at the London City Airport. I was so tired because I was up really early to study and finish up a paper I had to hand in that day. But the excitement was huge so we found our hotel, had a little ten minute rest and went out for dinner. Of course it was already too late to have dinner so all the restaurants had reached their closing time. We managed to find a nice French restaurant and had the best burgers I’ve ever tasted. Afterwards we went back to the hotel to rest for the big shopping day that was ahead of ME (my dad obviously didn’t come along).

You wanna see what I saw, where I went, and what I shopped? Stay tuned!!


Just a quick preview. Haven’t had the time to update you but wanted to show you my hotel room just before I go to bed. I’m tired but very content. I’ve had a blast so far and am kind of sad that I’m leaving this awesome city tomorrow. But on the other hand, I can’t wait till I’m home so I can share all my pictures! Sleep tight and come back tomorrow for a full update!


Yeah baby! Tomorrow I’ll be leaving for a 3-days trip to London. I am so excited. Just relaxing, shopping, eating nice food, taking beautiful pictures, and watching the trendy British people. I hope I’ll have the time to keep you updated but I’ll definitely will share my trip when I’m back.