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Yesterday, I came to the conclusion that I should only go shopping in the sale section. I scored this Zara coat for only 40 Euros and these shoes for only 10. If I would buy them when they were marked as ”New Collection”, I would have paid over 200 Euros. So happy me, a new out outfit and a lot more to come thanks miss Sales!

Mystylepoetry/ iWear Mystylepoetry/ iWear

iWear/ ZARA coat, MODEKUNGEN heels, MANGO jeans


A random selection of the pictures I’ve posted on my Instagram account these past days.

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And the last picture, here on the left, I posted only one hour ago. I was at dinner with my boyfriend to celebrate my new job and that lovable man of mine surprised me with this and another box before our starter.

Curious what’s inside?

iWear/ MOUW.

Yet another outfit post. Though it was rainy all day, I dared to wear my studded loafers which have become my favorite shoes. The leather detailed blouse form Urban Outfitters is also one of my favorite items but I seem to wear my favorites less than the other ones. Is that weird or normal?

See below details of my outfit.

iWear/ MONKI bag, TOPSHOP loafers, MANGO coat, URBAN OUTFITTERS blouse, BERSHKA jeans

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iWear/ CASUAL.


Having an office job doesn’t allow you to dress up that much. I usually do, but sometimes I really need to dress low key otherwise I’ll be the walking closet at the company. I don’t mind though, casual outfits make me feel mellow and chill so it’s all good.

I wonder if you always dress up or not…

iWear/ ZARA jeans & bracelet, H&M sweater (men), MANGO heels, IAM rings, GOLDEN necklace, YSL lipstick


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