My talented friend designed 4 outfits for her graduation of Fashion & Styling and I was one of the lucky models. It was so fun to walk down the catwalk wearing her beautiful dress. I felt like a real model for 3 minutes, it felt great hahaha.

Here the rest of the pictures.

With the designer

iWear/ MUTIARA dress, NEWLOOK heels


What I hadn’t in my closet is yellow, so when I saw this yellow printed jacket I had to buy it. I love details on clothes and the cute detail on this jacket is the zipper which is pink gold. I wear it with a little black dress and rainbow heels.

Enjoy your day and the pictures.

PS. Happy Nowruz (Iranian new year which starts exactly on the first day of Spring)!!!

iWear/ BERSHKA jacket, H&M dress, NEW LOOK heels, ASOS ring

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A few Mondays ago I posted a must’ve Bandage legging looking just like this one! I actually wanted to order that one but found a (!!) very cheap version of it at River Island. This is definitely my favorite legging so far. I combined it with a simple black skirt, and sparkling heels which I wore on new year’s eve.

iWear: H&M skirt/ New Look wedges/ mbyM blouse/ River Island Bandage Leggings


Twenty twelve started fantastic. With friends and loved ones I stepped into a new year. A fresh start and a new world with more things to learn and to experience. I am so excited to see what this year will bring for me and  who I will get to know or what I’ll will see. I hope your year started as magical as mine! Best wishes to you all.

iWear: Warehouse shoulder studded dress/ New Look party wedges


It’s getting started! Tonight we’re invited for dinner at some friends and my family from Sweden and Norway are here so I’m very excited! Also looking forward to eat all the good food and drink good wine! This is my outfit for tonight. Have fun everyone and enjoy!

Wearing: H&M pants and clutch/Urban Outfitters sweater/

Swarovski ring/ Stylesnob bracelet/ New Look heel


Finally!! Here are the items I’ve bought in London. I’ve madly in love with all of them and will mix and match them for different outfits. The shops I visited: Primark, Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Pull & Bear, Topshop,and New look.

The “Truth or Dare” game book is so much fun and has a lot of funny questions and challenges. The plan is too play the game with a few friends on new year’s eve. It’s gonna by hilarious!!!


After a good night sleep I had to prepare myself with a good breakfast to save up the energy for a shopping day! And what breakfast is better than the lovely English Breakfast with egg, bacon, beans and the sweets. After that I took my camera and my bag and walked towards OXFORD STREET (!!!), and it was a 30 minutes walk from the hotel but the sun was shining and I was enjoying the sights.

Once I arrived at the beginning of the shopping heaven I saw the crowd and just jumped in all the stores I loved! It was so much fun. I obviously didn’t bring my dad cause he would go nuts and he had a business meeting anyway.

Hope you enjoy the pictures and will come back to see the rest of my journey snaps! And of course the items I’ve bought.