At Unlimited PR/ BBB EVENT.

Yesterday, I was invited to the BBB event at Unlimited PR where bloggers met bloggers and where introduced to brands in a fun way. There was a lot to do and I had so much fun hanging out with other bloggers. One of the brands that was there was WE Fashion. They introduced us to their new underwear line which has such soft and smooth fabric, it’s amazing. They also offered us a COLD slushy to cool us down cause it was so hot in there. And the most relaxed part was that there were hand masseur¬† who made you loose all the stress you might have.

Next to WE, there was MAC that gave a workshop on how to do a smokey eye. I have to say, I never wear that much make up so I had to get used to my look but it was definitely fun to play around a little.

Sascha shoes were also participating. All the bloggers were aloud to pick our their favorite pair of shoes from the webshop. How crazy is that! I will show you soon which pair I got. At the Illy corner, the best cup of cappuccino was offered and we could design our cans. that was a lot fun as I suck at drawing with a touchscreen software thingy. So I will not show you the end result haha.

There is more. UGG let us customize a I (L) UGG tee, we wrote a post card with the newest Parker pens (which Anna Wintour writes with as well) and also Camper joined the event with a contest.

Here some pictures to give you an impression.