Shopping is your friends’ or sister’s closet is something we do with pleasure. Nod if you agree! Although I love to go through my friends’ clothes, I enjoy my mommy’s closet more! (I don’t have a sister so my mom is my target). This is one of her coats which we bought together at Zara. I love the over-sized model and the color is lovely for these days.

Do you recognize my lipstick?

Cutest English Bulldog Puppy I met on the streets

iWear/ ZARA coat, GINA TRICOT shirt, PULL & BEAR jeans, DIVINO boots

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It’s getting colder and colder. The real winter is hitting Holland now for real!! Therefore, it’s getting harder for me to walk my little doggy. I get so lazy and when I see the almost white grass all I wanna do is stay in with a tea in my hand. Reality decides different of course and I have to see how I’m going to survive the cold. These are the pictures of the weekend when the weather was just so sweet in Amsterdam. So I had no problem going out that day.

iWear/ H&M coat, Topshop boots, Urban Outfitters sweater
Bentley Wears/ Woef harness


These are the analogue pictures of my Colorsplash camera. I tend to love the old camera’s better than the digital ones but then again, I couldn’t ever live without my Sony SLT camera. But do you like the old style as well?