A friend of mine had a shoot planned with this location that was totally red. She wanted a to have a bit of an Evanescence vibe and I helped her with the styling. It was really fun to do and the shoot got published in the Fart Magazine. How cool is that?

What do you think of the result.


I have these allstars for quite a while but have been appreciating them since not while ago. The more I wear them, the more I really understand that a red pair of Convers is really a must in your collection. It’s fun and easy for a casual yet catchy look.

iWear/ CONVERSE red shoes, BERSHKA jeans, (?) grey turtleneck, vintage sunnies

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Okay, my new addiction is a fact. I bought a new lipstick, again. This time I wanted some other than red or red-ish and went for a good pink color from the YSL collection. But I got a red YSL lipstick as a gift which I welcomed with open arms!! I think from all the lipstick I’ve had so far, I love the ones from YSL the most. They last all day and have very nice colors.

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Does this print seem familiar to you? It’s a print that we’ve seen a lot of lately and I really like it cause it used in a lot of Persian rugs and traditional clothes. This one is from H&M so that’s not very exciting but hopefully I’ll have a big Persian rug in my house later with this print.

iWear/ H&M tunic, Guess jeans, Cafe Moda red heels