FRIDAY FAVES 04.4/ Minimale Animale.

It’s time for the last Friday Faves of April. Djees the weather can’t seem to catch up with the season. Hopefully May will be a warm month! For now I leave you with these lovely swimsuit shots to get you in the beach mood.

Get wet with Minimale Animale

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A very late Friday Faves post this week but you know what they say ‘better late than never’. So here this weeks favorites. For the Ben Trovato Blog (which I LOVE and look every day on for inspirational photography) Billy Rood took these rock hard photos of Lisbeth Salandar. I love the roughness with the sexy edge and would love to take some look a like pictures to practice. Really inspiring! Thank you Billy and Ben.


So happy to finally be able to show you these pictures I took 2 months a go. For the birthday of her boyfriends a friend of  mine wanted to give him a little bit of extra. So we planned this shoot and eventually WAUWED him with these gorgeous pictures. Of course I can’t show you all the pictures cause it’s a private thing for them as well as it’s my project but here are my favorites. Enjoy! Continue reading