For a shoot for in the Fiasco Magazine,Delphine Dubreuil and Sarah Cohen did the styling of Anne Sophie Monrad who plays the part of Lisbeth Salander in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I love the all black styling and photography and what about the effects Thomas Lavelle has put into these pictures. I looks great!Source/


Though I know I shouldn’t say this at this time but I’m going to say it anyway. (!!) I’m sick and tired of the cold. I’m exhausted all the time, feel like being lazy every day…that’s no life! Sunny? Just come back and shine, make me warm!

I saw these pictures on Fashioning and really longed for tanning and feeling warm again. Besides, I love the pictures because of their sneaky mood! I’m definitely inspired for my new shoot.

Abby Lee Kershaw


So happy to finally be able to show you these pictures I took 2 months a go. For the birthday of her boyfriends a friend of  mine wanted to give him a little bit of extra. So we planned this shoot and eventually WAUWED him with these gorgeous pictures. Of course I can’t show you all the pictures cause it’s a private thing for them as well as it’s my project but here are my favorites. Enjoy! Continue reading