Good Sunday you! Let’s make some time for a nice DIY. I’m always in a never ending search for an iPhone case and get bored of a new one after the first week. This time, I thought it would be nice to make my own. I bought a cheap side case and some studds and merged those together. Really simple but it really looks nice! Look…

iWear/ MOUW.

Yet another outfit post. Though it was rainy all day, I dared to wear my studded loafers which have become my favorite shoes. The leather detailed blouse form Urban Outfitters is also one of my favorite items but I seem to wear my favorites less than the other ones. Is that weird or normal?

See below details of my outfit.

iWear/ MONKI bag, TOPSHOP loafers, MANGO coat, URBAN OUTFITTERS blouse, BERSHKA jeans

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iWear/ TALK S***.

I finally found the perfect pair of jeans. I was actually looking for Levis ID jeans but since my size is a mystery to all the sales persons I couldn’t find one that fitted me perfectly so I had to search for 4 weeks to find something I liked and actually did fit me. Et Voila, I found these babies! Just take a look at all the details. I’m in love! I grabbed my Supertrash heels and shoulder free tee and made this iWear post for you guys!