Ow! I found a new love: WILDFOX. I actually new this brand but since I hardly see it in the stores I kind of lost sight of it. That’s why I dedicate this first Monday Must’ve of the month to this rad Wildfox sweater. And let’s match it with these skyliner Finsks, matching sunnies and silver!

Have a nice week!

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A comfy and simple look for a busy day. I was busy all day from six in the morning! With what? Well with a lot of unnecessary things, but my problem is that I can’t sit still so I shouldn’t whine when I can days like this. Anyway!!!! I’m going to Antwerp tomorrow: YAAY!!! So come back soon to see the shots from my trip!

iWear/ Divino boots, H&M blouse and sweater, Catrice red lips, H&M headband

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It’s getting colder and colder. The real winter is hitting Holland now for real!! Therefore, it’s getting harder for me to walk my little doggy. I get so lazy and when I see the almost white grass all I wanna do is stay in with a tea in my hand. Reality decides different of course and I have to see how I’m going to survive the cold. These are the pictures of the weekend when the weather was just so sweet in Amsterdam. So I had no problem going out that day.

iWear/ H&M coat, Topshop boots, Urban Outfitters sweater
Bentley Wears/ Woef harness


Oooh lazy Monday! I feel like doing nothing so I feel like dressing up lazy. Therefore, I composed the best lazy Monday Must’ve. I love the patchworked leggings and with the asymmetrical sweater the details of the legging show way better. Together with easy slip-on platform shoes and a comfy hat my lazy outfit is finished! But most of all, I really Must’ve the asymmetrical sweater!! it’s perfect!!

Romwe leggings/ Karmaloop sweater/ Urban Outfitters shoes/ Diesel hat