A random selection of the pictures I’ve posted on my Instagram account these past days.

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And the last picture, here on the left, I posted only one hour ago. I was at dinner with my boyfriend to celebrate my new job and that lovable man of mine surprised me with this and another box before our starter.

Curious what’s inside?


It has been a lazy Sunday thus far, but I’ve also been really busy for school. I’m on my break now and wanted to share my latest obsession with you guys. The arm cuff tattoo’s! At least that is what I call them, is there a correct term for these beauties? Anyway, I would really love to get one tattooed on my arm, but I don’t. Very contradictory, I know. What do you think of them? Or of tattoos in general?


I thought it’s about time for some new categories for the blog. FRIDAY FAVES is a weekly post, containing pictures I’ve come across on the web which inspire me & I adore!

This week: Riri’s picture for the new album Talk that Talk,
lace shorts on the runway,
beautiful braided hair
and the cutest heart shaped tattoo.

On Monday, i’ll introduce another new category! So stay tuned!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!