iWear/ Weekday Jeans.

It’s unbelievable how quick the weather changes here. On moment the rain is so heavy you’ll drown walking. And the other moment the sun shines so intense on the wet ground that the refelction of the light hurts your eyes. Thank god my little vacation is around the corner and I’ll feel nothing less than 30 degrees celcius for a week! About the outfit: Continue reading


Second day of Christmas. We went bowling with the whole family, maybe we just started a new tradition but I doubt it since my family is so fickle and all want to do something else. So it was quite remarkable that everyone decided on a bowling night. The game was fun but I was so bad at it. I had one lucky spare and the rest was just too sad to watch. I even played with those side helps for the children and still no strike! But it was fun to be with the family! After bowling we had a nice meal at home, come back later for those pictures.

iWear: Pull & Bear Jeans/ Truly Madly Deeply Tee/ Jacky Luxury Tiger Sneakers/ Everest Parka