Yesterday, after work, we went to the city to River Island as they have a really nice sale. And guess what? I got 2 new pair of shoes (SHOCKING) and a blouse AND pastel pants! Amazing! I love SALE.

Afterwards, we went to eat something and first we chose for sushi. We always choose for sushi but then we cam across this cafe/ eat place and ordered the best cheeseburgers ever! I was heaven in my stomache.

What did you do yesterday?

iWear/ TRULY MADLY DEEPLY tee, ZARA jeans, MONKI vest, REAL INDIAN shoes from South Carolina, DIY bracelet

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Black is everyone’s fave color when it comes to clothing. Right? It is easy, stylish, classy, and good for every occasion. But it is also a safe color and that is what bothers me often. People wear it because they don’t want or dare to try bright colors, what mostly suits them better. I have to admit that though I’m crazy about color and trying new things, I do tend to reach for the black part of my closet when it comes to a fast and comfy outfit. It’s a disease.

iWear/ Truly Madly Deeply Tee, H&M vest and legging, Topshop boots, ASOS ear cuff, Gosh nailpolish


Second day of Christmas. We went bowling with the whole family, maybe we just started a new tradition but I doubt it since my family is so fickle and all want to do something else. So it was quite remarkable that everyone decided on a bowling night. The game was fun but I was so bad at it. I had one lucky spare and the rest was just too sad to watch. I even played with those side helps for the children and still no strike! But it was fun to be with the family! After bowling we had a nice meal at home, come back later for those pictures.

iWear: Pull & Bear Jeans/ Truly Madly Deeply Tee/ Jacky Luxury Tiger Sneakers/ Everest Parka