Finally I got the chance to wear my cute – o so tight – peplum skirt my boyfriend got me. And also, I did my hair differently for a change. Mostly, I wear my hair down or in a pony tail, but the last couple of days I’m so bored of my hair and as I refuse to cut it short or anything I started watching these tutorials on how to do fun stuff with your hair and this model is one of them. Do you have any advice?

Here some more pictures in my peplum skirt.iWear/ RIVER ISLAND skirt, YSL bracelet, H&M top, ZARA heels


A random selection of the pictures I’ve posted on my Instagram account these past days.

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And the last picture, here on the left, I posted only one hour ago. I was at dinner with my boyfriend to celebrate my new job and that lovable man of mine surprised me with this and another box before our starter.

Curious what’s inside?

iWear/ CASUAL.


Having an office job doesn’t allow you to dress up that much. I usually do, but sometimes I really need to dress low key otherwise I’ll be the walking closet at the company. I don’t mind though, casual outfits make me feel mellow and chill so it’s all good.

I wonder if you always dress up or not…

iWear/ ZARA jeans & bracelet, H&M sweater (men), MANGO heels, IAM rings, GOLDEN necklace, YSL lipstick


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Hello another Monday and last Must’ve of march. This Gorgeous Ganni dress is my fave of this week. And to give you an idea of how I would wear it, I selected a few items. The YSL look a likes from Topshop are ridiculously high but I would love it to wear them with this dress (after some training of course). The Fashionology necklace will drag the outfit out of the exaggerated sophisticated vibe and the white touch from OPI on the nails finish it all. Of course you will need something to put your phone, lipstick and sunglasses in, and that would be this amazing ASOS leather clutch.

Have a nice week!

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I usually spend my Friday nights usually with friends, having drinks and gossip! It’s the perfect date after a week of hard work and stress.

iWear/ Vintage cardigan, H&M tee & necklace, Catrice nailspolish, YSL lipstick,

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